Review: Altered by Blake Blessing

This book was the final book in Blake Blessing’s fragile minds duet, which I had waited with baited breath to read after the cliff-hanger and questions left by the first book, Fractured. I greatly enjoyed reading this book and rediscovering the characters was interesting.

We catch up with Lilith after her stay at the psychiatric hospital, she questions herself and her reality constantly not wanting to slide back into her delusion/ psychotic break. In book 1 I speculated about the close relationship with her best friend/ therapist Harper. This was addressed in Altered, she gets a new therapist who is a better fit for her in my opinion.

She is re-meeting the men and getting to know them on a personal and intimate level such as David who was Eli’s brother. Altered answers a lot of questions that were raised in the first book such as what happened to Eli, why and what Lilith forgot and How Blake Blessing was going to bring them together which seemed impossible at the end of Fractured.

I loved the ending, the chemistry between five men and Lilith was steamy and their relationship was supportive, loving and caring which was what Lilith needed. They built a strong relationship where they supported each other. The surprise twist towards the end, caught me by surprise and kept me on edge.

I enjoyed reading the duet and would highly recommend it.

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