Review: Close Quarters by Kandi Steiner

I don’t usually enjoy cheating in my romances but Kandi managed to hook me in with her shocking prologue which had me hooked and the light suspense kept me reading. I completed the book in one sitting. As I was reading the question on my was who had betrayed her and almost killed her? Was it Theo or Joel?

The chemistry between Theo and Aspen was so hot!!!! It was instantaneous and the illicit romance happened with the perfect back drop of an elegant yacht and the beautiful Mediterranean which drew in for example the cave date was just amazing and so romantic (before they got caught of course….that was funny) At times you just wanted Joel to disappear….when he finally does I gave a big sigh of relief ( he wasn’t a great boyfriend).

I loved Theo and Aspen a lot. Theo is this mystery at the beginning of the book that you just want to discover everything about. He is so down to earth considering he is a billionaire and Aspen is this shy, quiet girl who seems to want to be invisible and who cares for what others want more than her own wants. What I like about their relationship is that Theo sees her and cares about what she likes and wants and endeavors to give it to her and she cares for Theo in the same way.

My favorite scene is probably the epilogue when Theo is showing Aspen a video of his new yacht and she says lets get married and he surprises her with both of their families already being there for a surprise weeding. They were so in sync and in love.

I loved this book! I definitely recommend this book to contemporary romance lovers as well as those who love billionaire romances.