Review: Forever and Never by Ella Fields

This book was my introduction to Ella fields as an author and when I read this book I had not read the book that comes before Forever and Never. This book can be read as a STANDALONE. I loved the storyline and the characters captivated me. Ella's writing is compelling.

Ella Fields has created these wonderfully complex characters that have great character arcs. The characters are becoming responsible, well rounded adults and parents ( which everyone goes through at some point). Their journey was unique and atypical and a very enjoyable read that kept me on my toes wondering how Ella was going to solve each situation.

‘why was I even here? But I knew why. I still loved him. I was beginning to think I would carry that love with me for the rest of my days. Maybe we never would’ve worked out, and it wasn’t in the cards for us. That didn’t mean I could ignore that intrinsic part of me that needed to know he was okay.’


This quote sums up the latter half of the story and what I believe is the true beginning of Lars and Daphne’s love story. Where they both begin to have true and deep feelings for each other. They both care for each other and feel the need to check in with each other in their own unique and ‘cold’ way whilst trying to tell themselves that they hate the other.

This book is a story of two young people who are still discovering themselves and their goals in life as well as what they believe they deserve both in their personal and public life. They are both popular at the school they go to but each have issues that have deeply affected them.

My favorite scene in the book would probably be when Lars comes home to find Daphne holding Lily. He hauls out of his house and states his hatred of her at her and tells her to never return. I won’t give you too many spoilers though.

This book is a rollercoaster and definitely worth the read especially if you like New adult romances or books filled with angst.

About Ella Fields

USA Today and international bestselling author, Ella Fields, resides in Australia with her husband, two children, and furry critters. A lover of chocolate, love, magic, and words—she enjoys exploring the emotional mayhem of seldom penned what-ifs in varying genres of romance.

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