Review: Fractured by Blake Blessing

This was a thought-provoking, attention grabbing, angsty romance that made me feel so confused and sad while reading it. This was definitely an emotional rollercoaster.

This story follows Lilith who has a psychotic break and creates four perfect boyfriends based loosely on men she had met in passing. We are told that her family has a history of mental illness and her mother is in a psychiatric ward because she murdered a boy. The way the author describes this made me wonder if Lilith murdered the boy and completely blanked it out.

We meet her best friend who is also her therapist, which I honestly thought was a conflict of interest and may be why her delusion lasted longer than it could have. But overall, I liked her as a friend for Lilith, she was supportive when she was present.

Now to the controversial part of the story, the ending. One word sums it up WOW!!!!

After becoming invested in the story and the characters only to find out what we thought was an epic romance with men who were so kind and supportive and protective were figments of her imagination. To top it off, to break the delusion her best friend invited the real-life men to Lilith’s home to prove that her men weren’t real. It was so heart breaking to read and left me feeling so frustrated and annoyed as well as steamrolled.

This book left me with so many questions and i can’t wait for the second book in series. The author said that everything would work out. But i don’t know how since they all think she is crazy and one is in a steady relationship. Fingers crossed