Review: Heir of shadows by Candice Wright

Yes, another review of a Candice Wright book. I LOVE her books and how she writes contemporary reverse harems. This book follows Ava who had been held hostage by her crazy and demented father. Her ‘men’ find her at a hospital and vow to keep her safe. They help her to recover, taking her to therapy and train her to be able to protect herself. She goes rogue and goes after her father and imprisons him wanting to carry out what could be considered justice or vengeance. Her men get angry at her for putting herself in danger. Not liking the fact that they don’t give her agency and want to keep her in a box away from the real world, she leaves and settles down elsewhere. They finally find her and have the much needed conversation about their actions and their mindset.

Candice created a wonderful character in Ava, whose strong and knows what she wants and knows how she wants to be treated. She is an abused woman who fights to survive, who is constantly underestimated despite her inner strength. She has a rocky relationship with the MC and her brother who expect her to put their needs first and but not put her needs or safety first making her feel second best or tossed to the side.

The men in this book are typical MC characters who are written as over protective and misogynistic. They blame their attitude on MC culture which I felt was a cop out because they realize their problem and know that women can be strong and equal to men but don’t change but just treat certain women that they respect as equals which is not Ava up until the end. Their redeeming quality is how they help Ava to recover from the abuse and horrors she endured.

I liked the premise of the book but towards the end I found the men’s attitude annoying. My favourite scene is when we find out that Ava has known where her father was and has had him tied up and is exacting her revenge. It was soooo empowering. Despite some flaws, which could be deemed realistic I guess, I enjoyed reading this book is one of the best contemporary RH romances I have read.

I totally recommend this book to people who love contemporary RH’s and angsty medium burn romances.