Review: Love to hate you by Jessica Prince

This book was a rollercoaster ride for sure. We are introduced to Hayden the main female character when she is shopping for sexy clothes and sees her husband cheating on her with her best friend. I Just love this type of beginning because it allows us to see how strong the female character is.

It was the look of sheer joy on her face, the love radiating from her as she clutched the child tight. I felt like I was witnessing the woman slowly being pieced together after days of having lived broken for two.

Hayden is a sassy, stubborn, strong women who is a wonderful mother and a hidden badass. To top it of she is curvy which is another tick for me. Hayden is a very self-aware person which is seen when she realizes what was wrong with her previous marriage and didn’t want to repeat the same mistake. Her relationship with her daughter Ivy is so cute. Ivy is so sweet but manipulative especially when it comes to men.

The main male character is Micah who is an alpha, totally sexy, respectful, sweet and has a strong moral compass. He is also a great father figure which made me melt and he is a smartass as well. Hayden and Micah are a match made in heaven.

My favorite scene is when there is a standoff between Hayden and Micah versus Alex (her ex-husband) and Krista at the flower shop. It is hilarious and made me want to cheer Hayden on as well as Micah. Hayden totally got vindicated here and got the showdown she deserved.

Another big component in this book for me was the friendship Hayden and her friends have. It is so loving and supportive but all of them have bold, unapologetic characters who speak their minds. They slowly become part of Hayden’s support system which at the beginning of the book was only Hayden’s aunt Sylvia who is this irreverent old lady that made me laugh so much.

This book is for those who love contemporary romances this is totally the book for you.

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