Review of Rewriting Yesterday by Candice Wright

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I just can’t get enough of Candice Wright. I love how she writes Reverse harems, each character has a clear personality and they all have different roles within the relationship. The book has a great storyline and she touched on sensitive topics such as abuse in a realistic way that gave the topic the gravity and respect it deserved. I became so emotionally invested in the story.

Her Characters were well formed and multifaceted. Frankie Edwards, the main character, is so sweet and kind, giving and forgiving and so strong. I instantly fell in love with her and was totally rooting for her throughout the book. Her relationship with her adopted son is so cute, so sweet it made me want to cry sometimes as the both had gone through horrible things and survived and thrived.

On the other hand, Caleb one of the men in the relationship was an asshole. He was so distrustful but entitled at the same time. He did a few sketchy things (don’t want to spoil it too much) that resulted in further trauma for Frankie which is why I hated him so much. However, I forgave him towards the end because he redeemed himself. I loved Sam he was this tough alpha protector and his scenes with Jacob were so sweet. The third guy in the relationship Ryan was a total goofball who was so laid back but still an alpha.

My favorite scene in this book was when Caleb realizes how selfless Frankie is whilst reading the letters that his father had left him to read after he had passed. It was so emotional and at the same time made you want to slap Caleb for taking so long to forgive his dad. Another favorite scene was when they are all giving public displays of affection in front of their friend Connor which is confusing him. It is just so funny.

This book is a slow-burn romance and a reverse harm. It contains Triggers. You will love this book is you love angsty, slow-burn romances.