Review of Savage Love By Ashlee Rose

I loved this book and is in my top 5 Ashlee Rose books

This was a wonderful modern retelling of beauty and the beast which I enjoyed for the most part and would definitely recommend you read this book. I found this retelling more realistic because we saw the journey of the two main characters leading up to the romance it wasn’t sudden and immediate, which meant it made sense when Xavier took Royal. Personally I found that the end of this book was written better and the storylines where much better than the beginning of the book. I loved the emotional journey we are taken through and the surprising twists Ashlee gives us which kept me reading.

I found the characters well written, interesting and multi-dimensional. Xavier is this alpha personality who is possessive, protective and quick to anger. I know we are meant to hate him because he is the ‘beast but I loved the fact that his love for Royal was so deep and all-encompassing for him however his temper sometimes made me think he could be capable of the awful things he is accused of and he trusts the wrong people.

Royal on the other hand balances him, she is independent, innocent and naïve but has a backbone. She is kind to everyone and can sometimes be seen as selfless. However that fierce love for the people close to her leads her to make decisions she comes to regret


My favourite scene was when Xavier finds out the truth about his brother, Xander’s death. It helped his emotional turmoil resolve and allowed him to love Royal freely without emotional conflict