Review: Saving Grace by A.D Justice

This was a tearjerker of a book and definitely pulled at my heartstrings. This book reminded of minus me a book I have previously reviewed. It has a similar premise of a sick wife wanting to set things right for her family but Saving Grace has one twist, the husband was cheating on her and about to ask for a divorce.

I admired Grace's inner strength, she didn't want to be a hinderance to her husband or son so she comes up with a plan to bring the two closer and set up their future. There is this touching scene when the husband finds out she has cancer and that she has made sure that his and their sons future is set money wise, he starts crying because he had done the ultimate marital sin of cheating when she was making sure he would be ok. It was a very humbling scene.

I enjoyed reading this book and found Grace to be a very well-rounded individual, the author presented us with a seemingly self-less character but as the story goes on we explore what make Grace, well...Grace. she suffers from jealousy just like anyone else, she doesn't easily forgive and second guesses her decisions. I found her portrayal very human and not too virtuous which easily and often happens in similar stories, where the characters are too forgiving and get over their anger a the drop of a hat.

The author explores the effect of her illness on both the son and the husband which I found necessary and I loved that the epilogue had Kyle, the son describing his experience during that period of his life in an heartfelt and moving graduation speech. I Felt that it brought the story full circle because she did the Ultimatum that began the story for her son.