Review: Tortured Hero Ashlee Rose

Happy Release day Ashlee Rose!!!!

This was an emotional read for me which I greatly enjoyed. This book follows a soldier who was a prisoner of war and is currently suffering from PTSD which has lead to him having suicidal thoughts. That is where we meet our protagonist at the beginning of the book. This book explores the effect of PTSD on not only the person suffering from it but also their loved ones and their community. This is a moving, honest, raw and relevant story that I believe is an authentic and sympathetic portrayal of the inner battle people suffering with PTSD go through. But I think its important to mention that this book focuses on his recovery and not the romance aspect of the story.(that is not to say that Chase and Robyn aren’t a sweet couple)

It had a slow beginning where I was unsure who was a good guy and who wasn’t, if we should hate Conor, Chase’s best friend or not. But I feel that reflects his limited understanding of the situation and is PTSD which has impacted his life to the point he no longer knows which way is up. Throughout it all Robyn has not given up on him, she is so supportive and you can feel her worry and fear like it’s a physical being.

I liked the fact that there was a bad guy in this book, a way for Chase to gain closure. Seeing the effect of his actions on his loved ones was moving, I think this story is a true representation about the men and women who go and fight for their country and the demons they bring back. I loved the suspense that built from the middle of the book and the surprise twist towards the end.

It was an engaging read, that I greatly enjoyed and I loved the ending. I particularly liked the fact that she didn’t downplay his problems and showed is the ugly side of his PTSD.

My favorite scene from this book is when Chase reunites with Robyn, his girlfriend, and finds out he is going to be a father, it was slightly funny but also so touching, it had tears springing to my eyes.

This book is an HEA, Military romance, childhood sweethearts, mid to slowburn romance.