Review: What if you by Sandi Lynn

I greatly enjoyed this book, it made be fall in love all over again with Sandi Lynn. I read this book in one sitting and was disappointed when it ended. I fell in love with Asher and Everly at there first meeting. They meet under such unique circumstances, Everly is a psychic with a message for Asher from his Father who had passed away recently. Asher is a sceptic and doesn’t believe her initially. As time goes on and after many meetings and disagreements they begin to accept their budding romance.

I loved how Asher’s dad kept popping up randomly and annoying Everly and later on their kids. I found it funny and endearing. My favorite scene in the book is probably their meet cute because it so unique, she literally goes up to him and asks to speak him and he asks her out. The scene the follows is on their first “date” which goes so wrong.

My favorite scene is probably is the epilogue, Asher hopes that his children aren’t burdened with the psychic gene but one by one each of his daughters reveals that she has the gift. The eldest says she is having a tea party with Grandpa (who is dead by the way) and Asher groans but accepts that his father is here to stay and also that his child has her mothers gift. His second child reveals that his friend Noah visited her and apologized, Asher sort groans and goes ‘oh shit here we go again’ I found it hilarious.

This book was a lovely, light read that was highly enjoyable.