Review: When He's an Alpha by Suzanne Wright

This was a wonderful read that was beautifully written. I loved the romantic tension between the main characters and I loved the cameos from characters from previous series and books. I totally recommend this book to paranormal romance readers.

We first meet Havana and Tate having a no strings attached extended one night stand with an expiry date. When Havana breaks up with Tate, he refuses to let go which begins the chase.I loved Havana, she is this badass chick who is an independent, alpha, lone cat shifter. She has a tragic back story that may bring you to tears and has epic girlfriends that are also lone shifters that will have you laughing at the hilarity of their special brand of bickering.

Tate on the other hand will have you groaning in frustration at times, he is an alpha male who is allergic to intimate relationships. He is protective, possessive and badass but emotionally closed off. He also comes with a psycho ex-girlfriend. The drama that comes with said ex-girlfriend made me want to knock some sense into Tate, how could he date such a disturbed individual? Didn’t he see the signs of her psycho nature?

Suzanne had me at the edge of my seat with the suspense that runs throughout the book which kept me reading…I read this book in one sitting it was that good. My favorite scene was probably towards the end when they are on the yacht to free the trafficked lone shifters and take down the man who is kidnapping and selling lone shifters. Havana kicks ass in an epic fight she is both badass but kind-hearted towards the lone shifters.

This is a paranormal romance with some suspense with an HEA. Can’t wait to read more books from the Olympus pride series.