Review: Wild Beauty by Audrey Caplan

This was such an awesome read filled with strong women that were close and supportive of each other. To top it off the Addy's sister - Blessing shares the same name as me.....OMG!!!! this is a first for those with beautifully unique names can attest to, it is rare to see your name in a book.

This book follows Addy, a plus sized model (YAY!) who is recovering from being kidnapped and having watched her sister being murdered. She is trying to return to normal and get over her trauma one step at a time. she still suffers from nightmares, triggers and lack of appetite. She meets a sexy photographer at a photoshoot named Killian...there is instant chemistry between the two. Her soon to be brother in law tells her that there is someone kidnapping and killing girls that look like her and cutting them where her scars are. That is the beginning of a series of twists and drama.

Addy is such a wonderful character who is multi-dimensional; she is a supportive caring sister to her siblings and loves family, she is a strong survivor and protective of the people she loves. I love the chemistry between her Killian, it is so hot. Killian is so protective of her and is so patient and understanding with his own share of demons in his closet.

This story covers the issues that victims go through after traumatic events and does not trivialize them. It is full of twists and turns and is very emotional. I love that Killian becomes her person, a safe place for her. If you haven't read Wild child , the first in the soul sister series I would urge you to read it.


My favorite scene in this book was when Killian meets her family for the first time and the sisters are all bickering and gossiping about him in front of him. I found it hilarious and sweet at the same time. A close second was when the sisters are venting about getting told off by their bodyguards.

If you have read Wild Beauty what was your favorite scene?